What to Eat Before and After Workouts

Everybody knows the many positive effects of exercising. However, poor eating habits can ruin your results. We would not even think how much everything depends on the right food principle for the occasion. Dietitians recommend keeping that principle in mind when you start thinking about what to eat before and after workouts. But, age, gender, physical activity, body weight, climate, and genetic abilities must be considered. That is why a personalized diet can achieve a perfect result.

If you are beginning to learn the right nutrition for your workout, you are in the right place.

Nutrition need for workouts

If you are doing 30-40 minutes of moderate activity three to four times a week, let’s say, you are jogging or exercising with an elliptical machine, you can cover your nutritional needs with a regular diet. You must eat five meals a day, which helps to control blood glucose levels. Low blood glucose level leads to overeating. At the same time, the expert points out that five meals should be small portions. Eat that much food to feel good, neither more nor less.

Is a regular diet good for working out?

As dietitians say, according to the latest WHO resolution, a regular diet is adequate for one hour of exercise five times a week. It will help if you supplement your diet with sports drinks during exercise or protein supplements after the workout.

There are no such big differences in recreational sports with regarding nutritional needs.

However, with more than five hours of exercise a week, we can talk about tailored sports nutrition.

If you have time for a workout in the afternoon, the expert says you can start the day with cereal, yogurt, and fruit. Eat an apple after some bran biscuit or rice puff for a snack. Have tomato soup with vegetables and pasta for lunch.

Eat complex carbohydrates before workouts.

Before exercising, prefer foods high in complex carbohydrates — for example, wholemeal bread or brown rice, cereal bars or bananas.

This is the order of components your body takes the energy while doing the physical activity:

Carbohydrates first, then protein, and finally, fat will provide power while exercising. For good performance, we need to give the body a jumpstart with some complex carbohydrates.

Tip: Take an hour and a half break between pre-workout meals and exercise for dinner after the workout, fish with brown rice and salad.

Replace the lost water while exercising

Besides, it is essential to drink water or sport-drink during workouts. That is because you lose plenty of water by sweating to cool your body and get rid of harmful substances. Fat deposits are getting to burn after half an hour. All of the “lost” fat is converted into carbon dioxide and water — the carbon dioxide head out through the lungs. The water leaves the body with body fluids, such as urine and sweat.

How much protein do we need for exercising?

Experts in the field will mention protein intake as a critical factor. The protein content of your food should be 10-15% with normal healthy nutrition. However, the energy come from protein has to be 15-25% of the total intake when exercising. In endurance sports, that is running or aerobics, 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight. When doing high-intensity sports, so in the case of bodybuilding, it can go up to 1.8. But we must not forget the kidney-damaging effect of too much protein. It would be best if you intaken the protein after training to be incorporated into the muscles to achieve the desired result.

What to eat before morning workouts

In the case of morning exercise, the system discussed above is still applicable.  Although the evening meal has to be is rich in protein and carbohydrates. The expert warns against exercising on an empty stomach. It is understandable that after ten to twelve hours of fasting, the body begins to break down muscle protein in the absence of carbohydrates. Even though your metabolism slows during the night, you do not have enough energy for maximum performance. So eat at least one banana half an hour before start training.