What Are The Most Serious Weight Loss Mistakes?

A year ago, because of some health concerns, I started my first diet to lose weight. However, my weight didn’t drop but has increased slightly despite trying different diet and exercise programs during the time. Then, after maybe six months, I realized that I had made many mistakes when I was on my first weight loss program. In this article, I share my experiences with you. I’d guess it will help people to avoid making the same mistakes.

The most common weight loss mistakes:

Skipping breakfast

Most people who are beginning a weight loss diet think that only eating less and skipping meals will help break down that ugly belly fat. And many will confirm, skipping breakfast is easy. You’re in a rush anyway, so you think you will be eating later when you have a little time. Mostly, that will not happen, and you will be hungry as a hippo by lunchtime. That is one of the worst mistakes you can make during a weight loss diet. If you leave the house on an empty stomach in the morning, it is much more tempting to eat much more for lunch than would have if you had breakfast. Keep in mind that eating calories during breakfast is easy to burn throughout the day.

Eating diet foods to eat more.

Whenever I was shopping for food, I was always looking for foods with the trendy label of “low-fat,” “low-carbohydrate,” “diet,” “light.” Generally speaking, it can be a good practice to eat diet food. Unfortunately, I bought these foods with flawed logic. I bought these foods because I thought that I could eat more of them. I’d completely disregard the quantity. If you eat large amounts of food, you are risking your success.

Starving to lose weight

One day, It happened that I eat way more than 2000 calories. After then, I felt a bit guilty, and the next day I’d eaten less than 1000 calories. The day after that much, I didn’t even count it. Conclusion: If you are starving all day, you are more likely to eat more in the evening and probably the next day, which does not help you lose weight. Furthermore, you need to consume most of your calories in the morning.

Eating salad for the main course.

Is eating a salad an excellent way to reduce your calorie intake? Yes, a salad meal contains far fewer calories than a burger or pizza, but are you satisfied with it? When you eat, you have to be content with what you were eating. When we ate salads, I found that a few hours later, I returned to the fridge, where I was looking for salami. That would fill my stomach and satisfy my hunger. I have learned that I’d prefer to eat a well-balanced meal with a little more calories than merely eating salad and later eating snacks.

Not exercising because afraid to go to the gym.

Driving to the gym and joining for a class was one of the hardest parts of my program. I was scared that the people in the gym would stare at me and talk about happy healthy girlme behind my back. I thought I was too fat to join. But in fact, nobody gave a crap about the looks of other people. Everyone was busy doing their workout.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Setting long-term goals is great, but those goals always seem distant. You probably better to set short-term, more achievable goals that you can meet regularly to keep your motivation high. Set your weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly goals. If you achieve a short-term goal, set a new target for next week.

Expecting instant result

You need to break this kind of pessimistic mindset if you seriously want to lose weight. Sometimes you feel that you are doing everything right and still not seeing the end of the tunnel. I’ve got used to this. Now I know that it is perfectly OK if sometimes I feel this way. It would help if you focused on achieving your goals. You should be happy and healthy.


So that was all. People make these mistakes and are learning from them. Looking back from a completely different point of view, I took on a weight loss program, and it eventually paid off. Now I can help others lose weight and stay healthy and happy.