Wellness and Spa Resort Treatment and Indulgence

Wellness combines relaxation and fun with health (from well-being and fitness: well being + fitness = wellness). This expression is not just a form of relaxation, but a way of life that strives to create a balanced, happy, and healthy life. Wellness centers, wellness resorts, Spa centers, and Spa resorts are becoming more and more popular destinations for people who wish to live a healthier and happier life. Now, let’s see how may you relax in a Wellness and Spa center. What treatment and indulgence you can expect?

Medical wellness

We can take part in various medical examinations during medical wellness, the results of which are evaluated by specialists so that we can recognize and prevent various latent diseases. Moreover, with the help of personalized treatments based on tests, this method also offers solutions to our medical problems.


The keywords of the spa experience are relaxation, deepening, recharging, balance, and fun. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more trendy to use this term instead of wellness. At the heart of the spa is the preservation of health. The spa also plays an essential role in beauty and various body treatments, sports, and fitness activities. Spa centers and resorts have become so popular that it is used in more and more areas, including the medical spa, destination spa, or day spa.


Aromatherapy is the science of essential oils. At the beginning of the 19th century, they noticed that oils were effective in treating various diseases. These pleasant scent preparations can be absorbed through the skin. Aromatherapy effectively treats, among other things, inflammations, stress, skin problems, headaches, migraines, or anxiety. Also, aromatherapy can strengthen the immune system, help fight colds, improve concentration, and increase sexual desire.

Mud bath

Do not mistake the mud bath with a mud pack therapy, as this happens in the bathtub and the mud covers your whole body, while with the pack the mud is only on the treated area. This method combines the benefits of mud packing and hydrotherapy with analgesic and detoxifying effects.

Salt therapy

There is also cold and hot salt therapy. The former is used in a salt chamber or salt cave and the latter in a salt lamp. The essence of treatment is to inhale salt crystals. You must know that not only in the case of allergic and respiratory diseases is the healing effect of the salt useful. Salt therapy also suitable for skin and joint problems, detoxification, relaxation, stress relief, and even help to quit smoking.


Balneotherapy deals with the treatment of diseases. Also, balneotherapy uses the healing effects of thermal waters (natural hot water coming from deep wells and contain lots of minerals). The therapy mainly consists of the patients sitting in warm mineral water. It includes not only medicinal water treatments but also physiotherapy, carbonated water baths, mud treatments, inhalation of the steam of mineral water, and various drinking cures. It can be a cure for many complaints, such as musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and metabolic diseases or heart and circulatory problems.

Body wrapping

The body wrap is a very effective slimming treatment. It is to massage deep heat cream into your skin and then wrap it into a unique compression film. With this method, you can achieve a sauna effect by burning fat and detoxifying your body. As a result of the treatment, our connective tissues become tighter, our lymphatic circulation accelerates, and it can dramatically reduce cellulite.


During cupping, the therapist uses glass bells to create a vacuum on the surface of the skin. The results are better blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as improved oxygen supply and metabolism of the connective tissue. So we can get rid of the accumulated toxins in our tissues.

Ice Sauna (Cryosuna)

The customer stays in the cold chamber for 1-3 minutes for treatment at very low temperatures (–167 ° F /–110 ° C). Cryosuna stimulates metabolic processes, helps to reduce joint and muscle inflammation also reduces chronic pain, and makes our skin more flexible. The ice sauna is the opposite of the traditional sauna and is a new spa trend.


Selfness is a way of life in which it is important to know ourselves. While wellness primarily affects the way we feel, through body treatments, selfness means self-improvement, to make sure our soul, our self-image is in harmony. This approach is essential for our health because mental problems cause many kinds of illness.


Soulness refers to mental and spiritual stability and health. There is much stress in our everyday lives, and it is not enough for our health to pay attention to our body, we also need to deal with the burden on our spirit.

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