Use Perfume to Smell Breathtaking Every Day

When choosing a perfume, select those that best fit your personality and lifestyle. You are unique, and so are your body scent. What works well for someone else might not the best for you. Don’t try to be like someone else by perfume as you are. The more sporty, relaxed style is not matching a strong oriental scent and a stylish, sporty scent for an elegant outfit.

Perfume is a part of our appearance that our environment judges us, so it is dissonant if we do not use the fragrance that suits our personality because we cannot wear it properly. It is advisable to keep several perfumes on our perfume shelf: for a casual day, for a lighter occasion, a heavier, “fuller” and a more powerful scent. So, let your individuality shine through when choosing a fragrance. Here’s how.

Women’s Fragrance Tips

Find the perfect fragrance for each occasion – work, leisure, parties, dinners, and romance. But, be sure to wear only one fragrance at a time. Using two or three will cause the fragrances to clash if you’re not careful. The scent of one perfume can get into your clothing, skin, or hair, and change the smell of the other.

To choose a fragrance, search for what blends well with other beauty products you may use. Remove all other remaining scents by bathing or to take a shover if planning on wearing perfume. Choose unscented lotions or for the best result, from the same line as the perfume is.

You might use the scented body lotion, and from the same line and brand, then spray the Eau de Parfum on top. The combination will help the scent to remain throughout the day.

Choose a fragrance that is subtle and pleasant. Your personal space is within an arm’s length from others. Beyond this point, the smell of the fragrance you are wearing should soften. Choose the fragrance that does not have a strong scent, and then wear it sparingly to avoid overkill.

Where to Apply Perfume

It is important to note that excessive use of perfume is not as smart as our nose gets tired soon, and even though we get used to the scent soon, our environment nevertheless feels. That is especially important in the case of stronger concentrations.

Eau de Toilette lasts for about 4 hours.

Eau de Parfum, which smells up to 6 hours.

The most potent and most concentrated extract is Parfum, which can work for 16 hours.

The use of perfumes also has a secret:

Never blow on clothes, because you can leave a stain, and on the other side, as a base note, our skin also gets into the fragrance of the perfume, that is, the smell and warmth of our skin are part of the full splendor.

The aroma is most intense in warm areas such as pulse points. We can spray to collar bone and décolletage, here we feel the scent best. In summer, it is advisable to blow on the backside of the knees, or apply the old method: spritz out 2-3 blows from the perfume and walk into it, thus giving us a uniform scent.

The hair keeps the scent great, but be careful of it because the alcohol dries it. Important: Do not rub your wrists, neck, because fragrance molecules may break and change the course of the scent. Instead, let the perfume dry.

Spray just a little of your perfume on various areas of your body, from the ankle to the shoulders. Since fragrance rises and dissipates, it will rise from your lower body and become noticeable to those closest to you.

Note: Perfumes don’t taste good. Don’t use it on the parts of your body where licking may take place.

Use these tips to find the perfect fragrance for you – and captivate everyone that comes around!

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