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Tips to be a Better Person

Here I present a list of tips, so you do not feel empty, and maybe you can observe the past with a smile. I have obtained them from a person who was at the end of her life, and she felt that she had done many different things and has prescribed a series of tips for those who are interested in changing.

1. Speak less; listen more.
2. Listen to the stories of your grandparents about their youth. When they are no longer here, you will revive the flames of their memories.
3. Invite friends for dinner, even if your house is not in good condition.
4. Eat a lot of chocolate.
5. Invite friends with children to your home.
6. Sit on the grass even though it soils your pants.
7. Do not buy something just because it will last long or because it is practical, do it because you want it.
8. Stay in bed relaxed if you feel sick and do not pretend that the world can not continue without you for a day.
9. Light the candles that you have for decorating the room and leave them on. Do not leave them unused in the closet.
10. Share responsibilities of life with a partner, not just the expense.
11. (For women) Instead of waiting for the pregnancy to end, enjoy every moment in your heart. Learn that life within you is the only opportunity you have to help God create magic.
12. Let your children embrace you and kiss whenever they want. Do not stop them for any reason.
13. Say the next two sentences as often as you can: “I love you” and “I’m sorry.”
14. Stop worrying about who loves you or does not love you, or who has who or not.
15. Value all personal relationships.
16. Play with a pet when you can. Laugh and run with her and take part in her games.
17. Spend as much time as possible with the people who love you.
18. Stop sweating through all the small details and meaningless problems of life.
19. Take every moment, look at it, and leave it. It will never come back again.

I think whoever observes these tips will turn into a better person, a better wife or husband, and in general, a happier person. Even now, I believe that God has blessed each one of us, and we must accept these blessings and try to seek to feel stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Remember that we are all lucky to be here, and take advantage of living life in the best way possible, so advice for that recipe is never too much.

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