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Taking Care of Your Feet at Home Inexpensively

In our lifetime, we walk about as much as three times around the Earth while our total weight is on our feet. With such performance, taking care of your feet is an obvious requirement.

In winter, we tend to forget  the regular maintenance of an essential part of our body, our feet. Because they are covered with socks and shoes, their condition is not visible. However, it would be important from a health point of view to take care of your feet that are locked in closed space all day.
Fortunately, the sandal period comes when it is in the eyes of all, and you need to pay more attention to what is out of your open footwear.

A soft, silky foot is the primary criterion for a well-groomed woman. Before the situation is getting rough, you can do without a podiatrist. With little attention, you can afford beautiful legs.

Read about the beauty and the ways to nurturing of your feet, because summer is around the corner. It is when you swap the closed shoes with sandals and the formerly hidden defects become visible.

We’ve gathered some long-standing tips, at home, inexpensively, and we can achieve great results for our feet.

Cold and hot water for tired legs

A footbath stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the arteries. Let’s take a 38-celsius degree warmth first, and then a 10-celsius degree cold foot bath, the water reaches the middle of the leg. Keep your feet warm for 5 minutes and then cool in cold water for 10 seconds and repeat the operation about ten times. Just three minutes, but it will do wonders with tired legs!

Massage your feet at home

We can sometimes pamper our feet with a good massage, and we can do this at home. Using your hand or a massaging brush or roller, knead our sole from the fingers to the heel and finally the fingers to the bridge. Cold-footed people should do the massage every night to improve circulation.

Scrub your feet

What’s suitable for the face is not harmful to our feet. Occasional scrubbing removes dead skin cells and makes them hard and dry skin smooth and velvety. A scrub can also be made at home, with a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of salt and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. After mixing the ingredients, massage and rub the composition for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water and wipe dry.

Footbath for tired foot

It is hardly any more pleasant thing for a tired leg after a tiring day than a good foot bath. It can be made with lots of ways and components.

For a tired and inflamed foot, make a boiled potion from linden blossom and leaf. Let it cool down for 10-15 minutes. Elder bush is still found in many gardens or along the roads. White, sweet-smelling, tiny petal inflorescences can help relieve the swollen, heavily used hurting legs.

Moreover, if we want to have fun in the evening, but we don’t have much time for foot care, take the essential oils available in any drugstore, choose rosemary, lavender, and cypress oil, mix and pass on the refreshing, stimulating, energizing foot bath experience.

Olive oil for damaged and cracking feet

If your feet are dry, cracked, or damaged, do not immediately put them on a pedicure. Let’s try to relieve the situation first with an oil treatment. Olive oil, marigold, rosemary, and lavender make the best rich cream that smoothes the cracked skin and heals damaged cracked areas. Cook the ingredients for a few minutes, filter after cooling and apply to your feet in a thin layer.

See? Taking care of your feet isn’t expensive or complicated. You can do it yourself in your home.

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