Massage Therapy: Relaxation and Remedy

massage therapy

The aim of massage therapy is preserving vitality, preventing, and recovering from diseases and stress. Often a medical doctor advises massage therapy after a preliminary health check. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, helps people suffering from a disorder. Healing and Vitalising The healing effects of massage are almost universal, and there are virtually no harmful …

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Wellness and Spa Resort Treatment and Indulgence

wellness massage in a spa

Wellness combines relaxation and fun with health (from well-being and fitness: well being + fitness = wellness). This expression is not just a form of relaxation, but a way of life that strives to create a balanced, happy, and healthy life. Wellness centers, wellness resorts, Spa centers, and Spa resorts are becoming more and more …

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Essential Oils and their Uses for Health and Wellness

essential oil

Essential oils are the extract of the oils from flowers, leaves, bark, and other parts of a plant. The result is the pure essence of the plant, usually in a highly concentrated form. Essential oils were known in India and China long before research began on their therapeutic qualities in the early nineteenth century. The …

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