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How to Identify a Psychopath, Psychopathic Behavior

how to identify a psychopath

There are more psychopaths among us than you anticipated. About one in thirty people have some psychopathic traits. You have to learn how to identify psychopathic personality. Then you will know if there is a psychopath around you. I wish I could have recognized psychopathic personality much earlier in my life. I would have a …

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Narcissism the Narcissistic Personality Disorder


How to Recognize Narcissism? Here is: ME, Me, just Me! I’m great. I AM GREAT! You are small! Pathologic narcissism (malignant self-love) in a clinical sense refers to a personality disorder in which the person concerned is not to be able to control his or her self-esteem in a balanced way. The maintenance of self-esteem …

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