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South Beach Diet Basic Information

The South Beach Diet is one of the remarkable diet fads of the last two decades. Being an eating plan for a healthy and slim body, many people, especially the dieters, should know the guiding principles, including some of the restrictions that are set out in the South Beach Diet. Of course, abiding by the guidelines is the best move that a dieter could make. The South Beach Diet rules are merely the key to a perfect weight loss result.

So for those who want to know the basic diet rules, this article is for you. If you are not yet familiar with the South Beach Diet, below are some facts for you.

Probably you all know that the South Beach Diet is made up of three phases. As such, it is essential to understand that it is laid down according to those phases. But, the two first phases are those where the diet is fully established since the last stage should ideally last for a lifetime.

Generally, the South Beach Diet in it’s first and the second phase is consisting of four meals a day much like in a regular eating habit; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

Phase One

Phase one is lasting for 14 days. So speaking of the South Beach Diet principle for breakfast during the first phase of the diet, it is interesting to know that the protein quantity is not limited and a minimum of ½ cup vegetables are recommended. However, fruits, starch, and milk are entirely restricted. Also, for fat, the dieter is allowed for one teaspoon of mayonnaise or oil, but this is just optional.

Lunch: the protein quantity is not limited; minimum of 2 cups for vegetables; no fruit, starch and milk; and one tablespoon of mayonnaise or oil.

These directions for lunch hold with dinner. Bear in mind that snacks are required.

Phase Two

Phase two starts on day 15 and lasts until you attain your target weight. For phase two, the rules seem a bit complicated because now several foods are allowed to eat. The second phase then reintroduces fruits and whole grains to the diet. Thus, the breakfast guidelines include: protein quantity is not limited; minimum of a ½ cup for vegetables; one fruit serving allowed daily and also valid with starch; 1-1 ½ cups of milk daily; and one teaspoon mayonnaise or oil for fats.

The directive for breakfast applies for lunch and dinner, except that there is a minimum of 2 cups of vegetables for lunch.

In terms of snacks during the second phase of the diet, it is interesting to know that the snacks are optional. The dieter can select from the protein, vegetable, or fruits list or eat nuts from the fats list. Also, plain and low fat or fat-free yogurt is allowed.

Phase Three

In phase three, the diet guidelines are not at all a necessity for period three since this is now the phase that will last for a lifetime. The dieters can even forget about the South Beach Diet as long as they are pleased with their weight.

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