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Are you healthy?

Welcome to Are you healthy?. Please, answer all the questions. Start now!

1. What is your gender?
2. How old are you?
3. Are you living in a relationship?
4. Do you have kids?
5. Is your job physical?
6. Is your job stressful?
7. Do you include any exercise in your schedule?
8. How much time are you in a sitting position each day?
9. How often doing outdoor activity?
10. Do you put emphasis on what you eat?
11. Do you eat pizza?
12. Do you eat burgers?
13. Do you eat red meat?
14. Do you eat seafood?
15. Do you laugh often?
16. Do you play games with kids or friends?
17. Do you play mind games, like chess, sudoku or crosswords?
18. How do you consider your weight?
19. Are you happy with your looks?
20. Where do you live?
21. Are you concerned with your health?