South Beach Diet Basic Information

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The South Beach Diet is one of the remarkable diet fads of the last two decades. Being an eating plan for a healthy and slim body, many people, especially the dieters, should know the guiding principles, including some of the restrictions that are set out in the South Beach Diet. Of course, abiding by the guidelines …

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Vitamin Deficiency and Supplements

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What vitamins do good for your health? Everyone knows that every day, the human body needs a certain amount of vitamins and minerals to function correctly and stay healthy. A well-balanced diet can provide the vitamins you need. Although problems and disorders can occur if your daily food does not contain the vitamins you need. …

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Cancer Preventing Foods Facts and Misbeliefs

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Many articles propagandize certain foods that could lower the chance of developing cancer — however, only limited evidence supporting the majority of these claims. Sometimes the conclusions of different studies contradict each other. Although there is not enough proof supporting eating specific food, it will lower your risk of developing cancer. But we all know …

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Sauerkraut the Healthiest Food

sauerkraut the healthiest food

The first people to ferment cabbage and develop what we now call sauerkraut where Asian people. They most likely did this to make the cabbage last longer. After ancient people discovered the process of fermentation some thousands of years ago, the Germans made sour cabbage famous and gave it the name that we all know. …

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