Never Try These Dangerous Weight Loss Methods

Who wouldn’t want a perfect figure that fits with the extreme expectations of this influencers driven century? However, many weight loss methods are not really about diet and exercise. There is no radical change in nutrition and lifestyle. Many people willing to try dangerous weight loss methods in the hope of achieving quick results. They are merely taking advantage of the effects of some chemicals to make a temporary slimmer appearance.

More and more people are trying to comply with the trend of having a super slim waistline. Unfortunately, they are often trying to implement dangerous weight loss methods that are not effective in the long run. However, these weight loss methods also present serious health risks.

The most dangerous weight loss methods

Ipecacuanha syrup

This method is most common in the United States. The nausea-inducing effect of ipecacuanha has long been known and is often used by patients with bulimia. Prolonged use of this syrup causes severe symptoms of intoxication. Its most serious side effects are irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, and cardiac arrest.

Weight loss pills

The use of weight loss tablets is becoming more and more widespread, as there is a lot of media advertising. People thinking about why not try it if it is advertised with a Photoshopped skinny beauty. Even more, if a celebrity actress, Instagram influencer, or singer recommends it. The real danger lies with the untested miracle pills, which saturate the body with many toxic and artificial substances.

You may be better off if the expected result is not achieved. However, it is a more severe consequence if unwanted side effects or life-threatening allergic reactions occur.

Water Pills

It does not achieve real weight loss, only the water leaving your body. Water loss is causing severe ion and metabolic disturbances. After a few days, the body compensates by trying to hold water. Therefore, the early spectacular results can only be maintained by taking more and more water pills. This method is usually used by athletes before the competition to achieve their target weight. Do you know that overusing diuretic pills can cause life-threatening complications?


We can’t talk about real weight loss because it has already been absorbed in the small intestine. Just as with diuretics, the body loses fluid, causing a feeling of potential lightness. With long-term use, only the laxative will make you poop. That method starts a vicious cycle as more and more medications will be needed to overcome constipation.

Here too, the result is an electrolyte imbalance, severe dehydration, constipation, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. Drug withdrawal is difficult and requires medical attention.

So the effective method lies not in miracles, but with good quality nutrition and lifestyle changes. Losing weight can often be life-saving, but don’t let chemicals hurt your health. Never try the dangerous weight loss methods above!