Nail Care Tips for Healthy And Beautiful Nails

So you aren’t happy with the look or the condition of your nails?  Do you want to learn how to have healthy pink and beautifully polished nails? I know the feeling.

Let’s get started.

Before we go any further, but you probably heard a thousand times, however, I must repeat to you that there is no substitute for a healthy diet as you are what you eat. Perfect health is visible not only in the glow of your skin and the bounce of your shiny hair but also on your nails. Believe it or not, your fingernails can reveal a lot about your health. It’s pretty obvious once you think about it…

Have a look at your fingernails. Are they have ridges, spots, pale, brittle, or cracked? If they are, you just may not be getting the right nutrients despite eating well.

Here are a few tips that will help you have great nails and good health.

Nailcare Nutrition

Consuming enough water is vital if you want to avoid chips and cracks in your nails. Fresh carrot juice is excellent for strengthening nails, as it is rich in vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorous.

Brazil nuts, broccoli, onions, soy, spinach, and papaya are rich in iron, magnesium, sulfur, and biotin. These are essential for overall health. Eat more vegetables and fruits to boosts your intake of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Ensure the daily intake of calcium, protein, and zinc. White bands and spots on your nails can be an indication that you need more of these elements.

Consider including spirulina and kelp in your diet. These supplements are rich in zinc and vitamin B, which help nails grow strong and healthy.

Do not forget to have enough protein, folic acid, and vitamin C in your dietary intake because deficiency of any of these nutrients can cause episodes of hangnails – the painful splits of skin around the fingernails.

Curved up or spoon nails can indicate iron and vitamin B12 deficiency. Reddish skin around your cuticles may indicate infection.

Protect Your Fingernails

Here are a few tips that will help you to keep your fingernails in good condition and they will look great too:

To keep your nails in good condition, you have to protect them. You can keep the health of your fingernails if you protect them from harsh detergents and water, which eventually lead to split or brittle nails. Needless to say, the best thing you can do is to wear rubber gloves while you hand wash your clothes or do the dishes.

Don’t remove and then reapply nail polish more than twice a week. If you remove and apply nail polish 3 or 4 times a week, it will make your nails dry. You can purchase a remover that has a built-in moisturizer so that you can protect your nails from drying.

It would be best to massage your hand and fingers from time to time to maintain blood circulation. Good blood circulation means that there will be fast and healthy nail growth.

How to Proper Nail Care at Home

Always file the nail in the same direction, as filing back and forth can weaken your nails, and they will break more easily as a result. Slightly round them at the corners, as this will help keep them strong.

Your nails will look good with proper care. To keep your nails in top condition, you will have to work on them. While at home, you can use a nail file or an emery board available in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Art Nail

To make your nails look beautiful, you can apply nail polish or use art nails. Art nails are acrylic fake nails that you can glue on your fingernail. Art nails are available in hundreds of designs and colors.

You can choose from a floral design to a silvery tattoo design. You can even wear art nails that match on different occasions.

Paint Your Nails with Polish

The nail polish is a lacquer, also called nail varnish or nail enamel. It can be applied to the fingernail or toenails to decorate and protect. Nail polishes are available in hundreds of colors and shades. You can find every color from white to black. You can also find nail polish in glossy colors or with a matte finish. One of the advantages of nail polish is that it can hide any flaw in your nail and, at the same time, provide a protective cover.

Polish Remover

Use polish remover and a cotton bud to remove worn nail polish. The best choices are the non-acetone types because they are more gentle to your nails. Provided your existing lacquer isn’t chipped, you can add a touch-up. The main function of the remover is degreasing. This will also help the nail polish to last longer.

DIY Nail Polish at Home

It is better to apply 2-3 thin color coats as compared to a single coat of thick layer. Numerous thin coats ensure that the nail polish will last longer. Always wait after the application of each layer gets enough time to dry before applying the next. This will also ensure that you get a lasting finish.

For long-lasting beautiful nail polish, the proper way to do is first to apply the base coat. It will help the polish stick to your nail. The base coat will also protect your nails from getting discolored due to the nail polish’s damaging effect. Otherwise, if you don’t have a base coat, using the polish is better than not using anything at all. The topcoat, also known as the clear coat, is normally used on dry nail polish to protect and harden the color. It will protect the color from chipping off.

But wait – there’s more.

Besides, you can buy nail polish with matching lipstick colors. Using the same color on your nails and your lipstick will enhance your overall appearance. Alternatively, you can even use nail colors that are in contrast with the lipstick colors. To make a bold style, you may wear a different color on your fingernails than your toenails.

French Manicure

Interesting fact: French manicure is a common request at manicure salons everywhere. Even in France is called La French, although the invention is American.

Let’s sum it up

Most importantly, you should eat healthily so that your nails don’t become brittle or yellowish. As long as you maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, your fingernails will have a pink color and look beautiful and healthy. Your nails will look good with proper care. To keep your nails in top condition, you have to protect them. But one thing’s for sure, at the end of the day, polishing your nails is just another way of pampering yourself. Think about it.