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Motivation to be Happy Regardless of Everything

Why didn’t you make a personal commitment today to be happy despite what life gives you? You have to acknowledge that there are too many things that happen around you and generally around the world, you have no control over. The only thing you can do is stop worry and stress about those things. Accept that many things will happen that will be out of your control. However, where you can get the motivation to be happy and gain strength to disregard events and people responsible for your emotional hardship?

Happiness is not something others can take away from you. Happiness is something that only you can throw away.

Leave the past behind to be happy

From time to time, things don’t go the direction you want them to go. For example, someone close to you dies.

You lose your job, and the bank put a foreclosure on your house.

These things can happen to the most beloved, compassionate, cautious, and rational people. But after the initial pain and shock, the decision whether to leave in despair or start over is entirely up to you.

You can allow misfortune to be a big part of your life and continue to lick your wounds, or you can choose to leave the past behind and move on.

Don’t expect your friendly and caring attitude towards others will be returned with the same kindness.

You understand yourself best, and despite having lived your life reasonably and responsibly, some people do not see your point of view or share your motivations.

People have the right to act in any way they can. Other people have no right to judge whether their behavior is acceptable or not.

They have to cope with the repercussions for their actions, and so do you. You have to make up your mind as much as possible not to let these people mess up your spirit.

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Be happy

There are many things you can be grateful. There are still unknown experiences waiting for you in which you can find enrichment and meaning. Others will like you despite who you are and what you are doing.

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If you spend your time being annoying and miserable, you deny yourself the satisfaction of enjoying what this life has to offer.

Many unhappy people in this world continuously punish themselves and others for seeking remedy and revenge. But retaliation and revenge are dissatisfying — a waste of time and motivation to be happy.

“To be happy, we must not worry too much about others.”

Albert Camus

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