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Schizophrenia Positive and Negative Symptoms


The term “schizophrenia” is familiar for almost everyone everywhere in the world. However, most people do not know for sure what it is and how to recognize a schizophrenic person. The word “schizophrenia” means “split mind” in Greek. However, this is not the same as ‘split personality’ used in everyday language. It is a split …

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Facts About Bipolar Disorder and Help

bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder (the former term was manic depression) is a mental illness. It’s marked with huge mood swings. Bipolar disorder affects around 2.5 to 5 percent of the adult population everywhere in the world. It has a pronounced family accumulation: in the first-degree relatives of bipolar patients (parents, siblings, children) the risk of the disorder …

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How to Identify a Psychopath, Psychopathic Behavior

how to identify a psychopath

There are more psychopaths among us than you anticipated. About one in thirty people have some psychopathic traits. You have to learn how to identify psychopathic personality. Then you will know if there is a psychopath around you. I wish I could have recognized psychopathic personality much earlier in my life. I would have a …

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Cat Therapy: Cats Helping People with Depression

Simba the siberian cat

Do cats heal sick people? Cat therapy is an effective treatment for adults and children in depression, stress, PTSD, panic attack, and anxiety. Children with developmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD also benefit from the companionship of cats. Cats have the power to decrease their human’s blood pressure, even more, slower their heart rate …

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Narcissism the Narcissistic Personality Disorder


How to Recognize Narcissism? Here is: ME, Me, just Me! I’m great. I AM GREAT! You are small! Pathologic narcissism (malignant self-love) in a clinical sense refers to a personality disorder in which the person concerned is not to be able to control his or her self-esteem in a balanced way. The maintenance of self-esteem …

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What is Neurosis? Behavioral Disorder?

what is neurosis

Neurosis is a functional mental disorder associated with chronic anxiety and distress. Since neither hallucinations nor delusions accompany it, it does not fall outside the socially accepted behavioral norms. Patients with a neurotic disorder, are referred to as neurotic personality. The term essentially describes the nature and condition of the disease. Neurosis is a term …

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