Massage Therapy: Relaxation and Remedy

The aim of massage therapy is preserving vitality, preventing, and recovering from diseases and stress. Often a medical doctor advises massage therapy after a preliminary health check. It improves circulation, relaxes muscles, helps people suffering from a disorder.

Healing and Vitalising

The healing effects of massage are almost universal, and there are virtually no harmful side effects or complications. Also, it plays an essential role in rehabilitation after illness and accident. It positively affects the functioning of the digestive system, the production of hormones, also enhances organ functions and speeds up metabolism. The rubbing and kneading relax muscles, improves blood and lymph circulation. It also activates the tiny blood vessels, which able to carry more blood and oxygen to the organs and muscles.

Massage also has a fantastic effect on the nervous system. Immediately, the patient feels the relief of physical and mental tension and improves his working capacity and general well-being.

Effects on the muscles and fat

As a result, the various harmful deposits under the skin will clear faster, and it helps losing weight because it reduces fat deposits under the skin. Lymphatic circulation and metabolism increase, respiration, urine excretion increases, thus lead to more rapid detoxification. Massage improves the performance of the muscles, therefore the muscle contract faster and will be more enduring.

At home

Nowadays, machines are gaining more and more space, which allows enjoying the benefits of massage even every day at home.

Indeed they have a loosening effect on the muscles and a stimulating effect on blood circulation. Although, if you want to achieve results, then contact a qualified masseur.

Massage Types

We discern different types: medical, therapeutic, Swedish, refreshing, sports, Chinese, Shiatsu, Thai massage, etc. For the procedure, the masseur use lotions or oils, and sometimes essential oils.

Swedish or Therapeutic Massage?

People often mistake the Swedish with the therapeutic massage. The main difference is that the Swedish massage affects the joints, muscles, rarely connective tissues, and of course, the blood circulation, metabolism, and skin regeneration.

Therapeutic affects the nerves. It heals on the nervous, reflexive path. There is about treating nerves, where the body part is stimulated to improve.


Whatever type of massage you vote for, you will only benefit from it. The fact is that a good masseur is not cheap, but if they do the treatment properly, we can bring out more of our body spectacularly.

The effectiveness of the therapy indeed depends to a large extent on how our body responds to treatment.

There are those, who after 5-6 times to the masseur has a massive improvement with their pains, spasms, and illnesses, but there are people who have no significant improvement even after ten times of treatment.

Massage therapy is an enjoyable relaxation practice and one of the most beneficial ways to relieve our tired or sick bodies and overstressed minds.

Destination spas with massage therapies are booked all year round. You can visit a spa as many times as twice a week to once in a while. It depends on your budget and needs.