Kansa Wand Facial Massage Tool for Natural Skincare

I want to introduce you to the Kansa wand. A beautiful massage tool from the Ayurvedic skincare tradition. The dome-shaped massage surface is made of Kansa, a pure form of bronze known throughout India as the healing metal. It’s been used for centuries to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being, and relieve stress. I think it could be extremely beneficial to you.

What is Kansa Wand good for?

Stress makes a mark on our skin. Kansa wand helps remove those stress, toxins, heat, and acid built up in our skin. It also aids in lymphatic drainage, which removes those toxins from the whole body. So, you want to enhance your lymph flow. Which, in turn, helps clear up toxic buildup, acne, reduce puffiness and under-eye bags. The glossy metal head of the wand allows it to work on the lymph nodes all over your face. Just like botox, Kansa massage relaxes those muscles in the face, and then your skin will be taut and firm.

You’re going to see considerable results if you’re using it every day. You will see an improvement in your health. It will reduce your stress, and you will see immediate results with your skincare. Kansa wand will help with the look of your face. You’ll get a beautiful glow to your skin, and it will appear more firm and tauter.

How to massage your face with Kansa wand?

We are using an oil and as a massage medium. Any great quality organic oil would work. Yet, I use iYura Kansa massage oil.

Start on the forehead.

I start right in the middle of the forehead. It’s a key energy center. I’d go on and forth horizontally, ironing out the fine lines and the tension that’s in the forehead. This is good if you have a headache or just a little stressed. This is a pressure point to reduce stress or headaches.

Interesting to know we hide tension behind the hair on the face. There’s more tension around the hairline and right around the eyebrows. Working with another key point at the temples and then working under the eye. The strokes are very light when coming towards the midline and a little stronger as you move the wand toward the temple. See how the skin gets a little rosy. This is the sign of bringing a lot of circulation to the surface of the skin.

Around the eyes

One of the more lovely movements in this sequence is working around the eyes. Kansa metal removes heat and acid from the system. Heat an acid tends to collect around the eyes. This is very cooling and soothing for stressed eyes. Stroke up and away from the nose. A little stronger strokes towards the eyebrow and very much lighter at the nose.

On the cheekbone

It’s time working a little underneath the cheekbone. Working on points that relate to clearing the sinuses and another point right in front of the ear. And then we’re gonna follow our cheekbone.

You want to follow the bone itself. You hold a lot of stress in your cheekbones. You’ll see this is going to help to relieve a lot of tension. Anxiety and nervous tension are responsible for premature aging and fine lines.

Along the jawline

Hold the wand on the point where your jaw is connected to the skull. That’s fantastic for relieving tension in the jaw.

Slide the wand along the top of the jawline coming up to the temple to release more tension in the jaw. Another point that also increases circulation in the middle of the chin. Keep pressing the wand there for a few seconds. Now, I am working above the jawline and even a little underneath the jawline but always revisit that spot right below your nose.

The results of using the Kansa wand

It’s simple and pleasing to work with Kansa wand. It is quickly giving visible results while inducing a peaceful and calm state of mind. It’s lovely to work with yourself. It’s a fantastic product in terms of facial massage.

I was surprised at how much better I felt, and I really enjoyed the work around the eye and across the cheekbone.

It is very relaxing. It really starts to feel warm, and it is much more like a hand that’s massaging you. I feel like I’ve had a whole-body massage. Somehow the relief goes through your whole body. Now, I like to massage my face to see some great results. I feel great.

See how easy it is. It only takes 5 minutes. If you go through this routine daily, you will see an improvement in your skin and health.