Kansa Wand Face Massage to Look Younger

Kansa wand face massage gives you a younger look!

Kansa wand is an ancient Ayurvedic massage tool that has been used for thousands of years to bring blood flow to the skin.

kansa wand and free kansa oil

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Kansa wand face massage can regain the natural tone of our facial skin by removing saggy skin under the jawline. In this area, we usually find that our skin is getting flabby as we are aging. That means that the skin loses its elastic properties and tends to get flaccid. One of the principal reasons is the permanent loss of collagen, which is common in older age.

The benefits of facial massage with Kansa wand

With Kansa wand face massage, you can straighten your lines by reducing your skin’s permanent sagging. Moreover, the Kansa wand rejuvenates your skin on your face without chemicals. This is the most significant benefit of the Kansa. Creams and lotions contain chemicals that may bring about allergic reactions to some people.

It’s known that the bronze cap is an electrical conductor and works on subtle energy fields promoting deep relaxation.

One of the benefits of using the Kansa wand is that it relieves tension. Tension causes wrinkles and poor skin tone under the eyes. Kansa wand eliminates wrinkles and puffy bags in the eye area. Our skin around the eyes is thin and usually distended and red. These are just some of the inherent facial problems.

Kansa wand is soothing and relaxing in this area, and that’s what people like about it. It reduces swelling of dry or inflamed tissues. By massaging the sensitive areas, the wand naturally relieves puffiness and refreshes the skin.

The skin on your chin is thicker than the other part of the face. This area is where we need to put more deep pressure with our wand. Since our massage tool is not heavy, you need a little stronger force to slide the Kansa wand on your face.

These smooth circular strokes relax the muscles, especially under the cheekbones, and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. The massage is smoothing your facial skin, so it becomes naturally smooth and beautifully radiant.

Your wand not only gives you the benefits on the outer surface of your skin but also under it. The massage relieves congested sinuses, allowing you to refresh and unwind during and after treatment. It also removes toxins from your skin.

Moving the wand around in circular motion on your face is the perfect technique for effectively restoring lymphatic circulation in your face. That kind of massage increases your immune system’s protection against harmful substances.

How to Use the Kansa Wand?

Firstly you put a small amount of the oil supplied with the Kansa wand on your skin. Start in the middle of your forehead in a circular motion, which starts the blood flow and works extremely well to relax you. Then move across your forehead. Push outwards towards the hairline in smooth, even motions. Always push with a reasonable amount of pressure on the outward stroke.

Working on the temples with the wand is excellent for relaxation as a lot of tension is carried there. This is one of the most satisfying movements.

Also, massage under your cheekbone. This is really good for those fine lines around your mouth. To encourage blood flow to the skin, move the wand smoothly and pressure the outward stroke. This is very relaxing.

So again, move along with your line where a lot of tension is held. Smoothing firmly along there with outward strokes, it’s extremely relaxing and soothing. Most importantly, it brings healthy blood flow to the skin.

Kansa wand firms and tones, and it’s important for healthy glowing skin. It helps to promote firmness of the chin as well as under the jawline. So you’ve got saggy bits under your skin under your chin that helps a lot.

But wait – there’s more:

It is also a great tool to use it anywhere on your scalp. Move the wand smoothly around your scalp with a gentle, circular motion. However, only apply light pressure now. It’s incredibly helpful for headaches, stress, insomnia, or jet lag. It’s very refreshing and relaxing.

The regular use of the Kansa Wand for five minutes a day has lots of benefits.

  • Revitalize
  • Refresh
  • Smooth
  • Detoxify
  • Increase waste removing
  • Enhance lymph flow
  • Firms and Tones
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Smooth sagging skin

Wham! And you’ll feel fabulously relaxed

More than just a massage

Massage your feet too

Yes, you read that right.

A medium-sized Kansa wand can also be used to massage the foot. The mushroom-shaped head of the Kansa wand is perfect for working on the legs.

The weight of the Kansa wand adds energy to the massage. The power from the wand’s mass and the pressure that the masseurs have applied positively affect the leg muscles and arteries. Therefore you’ll feel your legs lighter.

It is good to know that it can put both internal and external pressure on the leg with an even force. The wand focuses on regaining blood circulation stability within our bodies and relocating renewable energy into the leg muscles to strengthen them.

Rubbing the wand repeatedly over the foot soothes the pain and corrects the blood’s uneven circulation in the small veins. As a result, it creates a relaxing feeling throughout your body. The arc-shaped head of the wand gently calms the foot and relieves all tension and bad energy. The massage itself makes the person fresh, calm, and revitalized.

Been using mine daily for several weeks and people can’t believe how fresh and toned my skin looks!

– Cheryl Buckley