Herbal Tea Recipe for Hypertension

Herbal tea blend for hypertension:

  • 10 parts European mistletoe
  • 5 parts Lemon balm
  • 5 parts Hawthorn Berry
  • 5 parts Hawthorn flower
  • 5 parts Olive tree leaf
  • 2 parts Lavender flower
  • 5 parts Dwarf periwinkle
  • 5 parts Blackcurrant leaf
  • 5 parts Alder Buckthorn
  • 5 parts Common horsetail
  • 5 parts Shepherd’s bag

The suggested amounts are for adults.

Use one tablespoon of the blend of herbs for a cupful of tea. Drink one cup of this tea in the morning to regulate hypertension. Check your blood pressure regularly. Don’t stop taking your prescribed medication without consulting your physician.

The numbers in the recipes represent the weight ratios or units; e.g., grams(g), drams(dr), ounces(oz), etc.

Use a kitchen scale to measure each type of herbs.

To mix the measured herbs, use a bowl.

Keep your herbal mix in an airtight container.