Fat Burner Tea for Weight Loss

Make your tea blend that helps with burning fat and losing weight

  • 2 parts Blackthorn flower
  • 1 part Rhubarb root
  • 2 parts Alder Buckthorn
  • 1 part Hemp agrimony
  • 1 part European goldenrod
  • 1 part Lovage
  • 1 part Elderberry flower
  • 1 part Field pansy
  • 1 part Sage
  • 1 part Parsley root

The suggested amounts are for adults.

Use one tablespoon of the blend of herbs for a cupful of tea. Drink one cup daily for one month. After a month, take two weeks off, after then can be started again for a month.

Ask for the advice of your doctor about using this tea for an extended time.

The numbers in the recipes represent the weight ratios or units; e.g., grams(g), drams(dr), ounces(oz), etc.

Use a kitchen scale to measure each type of herbs.

To mix the measured herbs, use a bowl.

Keep your herbal compound in an airtight container.