Herbal Tea Recipes – How to make tea from herbs

People have been drinking teas for thousands of years and not just for their taste. It is of paramount importance that the vast majority of herbs grow wild, without human intervention. It appreciated that most of them are simple to make into a tea and ready to use for medicines. Also, it’s wise to drink herbal teas daily, for the following reason: They are suitable for supporting your health. If you don’t feel well or want to prevent some illness, then you should look for herbal tea recipes, and make yourself the right herbal tea mix for tea to cure yourself.

Learn how to combine dried herbs to make herbal tea, so find the recipes below to treat or alleviate your medical condition.

Herbal tea has many health benefits

Natural remedies, including herbal teas, have many advantages. The most important benefit is the fewer side effects compared to synthetic medicines and as a gentler method may even replace medications prescribed by a doctor. However, the indiscriminate consumption of herbal teas is not a substitute for professional medical care, mainly if you are pregnant or lactating. Don’t stop taking your prescribed medications without consulting your doctor. Herbs, herbal medicines, and herbal teas can be used to prevent diseases and supplement therapies.

How to make tea using herbs?

We make infusions from either, dried or fresh flowers, leaves, and shoots, the same way as we make a good old tea from a tea plant.

A tablespoonful is scalded with 250 ml (cupful) of boiling water. After this, cover and leave it to stand for 15 to 20 minutes. If you have it the water for a bit longer, it’s okay, but if it’s more than an hour, you should not drink it. Instead, make a fresh one.

Rose hip bush to make herbal tea
Rose Hip

Decoction: Roots, bark, and fruits have to be cooked because of their high fiber content, usually for 5 to 10 minutes.

Cold soaking (maceration) technique: plants that contain mucilage, such as mauve, canola give the most benefit when soaked in cold water for hours. Soak for 4-5 hours. The vitamin C content of the rosehip breaks down above 60 ° C, so it is also immersed in cold water for 5-6 hours. Soak the white mistletoe in lime-free cold water for 12 hours.; It is advisable to soak it in the evening leave it for the night and drink it in the morning.

The numbers in the recipes represent the weight ratios or weight units.

We have herbal tea recipes for the following symptoms and conditions:


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