Herbal Tea for Acute and Painful Diverticulitis

With acute diverticulitis, the patient experiences pain and cramps in the abdominal area. Mostly on the left side of the abdomen. Here I present a herbal tea recipe, that I’m using for years for acute diverticulitis.  It is proved sufficient to relieve pain and inflammation. So far, it’s helped me to escape hospitalization and surgery.

Herbal tea recipe to relieve symptoms of diverticulitis:

  • 4 parts Marigold
  • 1 part Peppermint

Use one tablespoon of the herbs for a cup of tea. Make an infusion the same way you make an ordinary tea. Let it stand for 15-20 minutes, then filter.

Drink three cups a day for five to seven days. By then, you will feel much better. The pain should disappear or considerably subside.

For the following week, drink 2 cups a day. In the third week, drink one cup daily.

For maintenance, to prevent the outbreak of inflammation, drink one cup a day for a week each month.

The numbers in the recipes represent the weight ratios or units; e.g., grams(g), drams(dr), ounces(oz), etc.

Use a kitchen scale to measure each type of herbs.

To mix the measured herbs, use a bowl.

Keep your herbal mix in an airtight container.