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Latin – English Dictionary of Herbs V

V – V

Vaccinium myrtillusEuropean blueberry, Common bilberry, Blue whortleberry
Valeriana OfficinalisValerian
Veratrum albumWhite hellebore
Verbascum phlomoidesWooly mullein
Verbascum thapsusCommon mullein, Great mullein
Verbena OfficinalisVerbena
Veronica chamaedrysGermander speedwell
Veronica officinalisHeath Speedwell, common gypsyweed, Paul’s betony
Vinca minorDwarf periwinkle
Vinca RoseaRose periwinkle
Viola arvensisField pansy
Viola odorataEnglish violet, Common violet, Wood violet, Garden violet
Viola tricolorHeartsease, heart’s delight, tickle-my-fancy
Viscum albumEuropean mistletoe, Common mistletoe

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