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Independent Living for Elderly People

independent living elderly

Many people at this age are somehow dreaming of becoming entirely independent. The elderly are no exception to that. Fortunately, hundreds of communities are now operating programs and services to provide these people with a certain degree of independence they need. Nursing homes and other independent living facilities are out there to help senior adults …

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Natural Treatments to Cure Flu and Feel Better Sooner

natural treatments to cure flu

Flu symptoms are easy to detect though they may appear a week after you’ve caught it. Since flu spreads quickly, one should stay at home until fully recovered. Fortunately, there are natural treatments to ease the symptoms of flu. Rest is crucial. You need rest to help it fight the infection. Rest in the bed …

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Flu Season Comes: 10 Tips to Prevent Catching the Flu

flu prevention

Winter is a beautiful season that brings snow, Christmas, and flu into the lives of people. Influenza is the most widespread disease in the world, especially in countries with a moderate climate. The flu epidemic always comes around winter when the air is cold and humid. The cold weather in winter, particularly wet weather puts …

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Tachycardia at Night: High Heart Rate Causes

tachycardia night

So you too experienced the frightful feeling of tachycardia during the night? I know the feeling. Anyone who has ever lived through the phenomenon of not able to sleep because having tachycardia at night knows how disturbing it is. Your worry further increases the rate of your heartbeat. Strong palpitations usually start suddenly, without any …

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