Getting Old Safe: Healthy Aging

We all want to remain as healthy as getting old. Healthy aging is everyone’s priority for a good reason. Most people can live past 90, provided they have proper medical care and good hereditary makeup. We all want to stay independent in advanced age, want to remain active, and move and think with the least possible limitation.

A proven way to maintain physical and mental health is through regular activities, such as exercise and proper nourishment.

The role of calcium in healthy aging

Taking calcium is very important throughout our entire life, particularly after 50. Calcium from some foods is better absorbed than from another, but sometimes your diet doesn’t have enough in it. Then you need to take calcium supplements. Besides calcium, however, your bones need magnesium and phosphorous.

Don’t sit in the house all day. Seniors tend to stay out of the sun more than before. We need plenty of vitamin D to improve bone health. One may use supplements, but the sun is better than pills. Maybe take a walk for 20-30 minutes each day.

As we are aging, we have to keep bones healthy. Keeping bones strong will help you survive falls.

The danger of falls as getting old

Falls are the leading causes of fractures. Hip fractures being the most common injury among the elderly. Hip fractures are responsible for unnecessary deaths.

Staying fit is the key to stay healthy in advanced age

Many illnesses today emerge from poor eating habits, lack of exercise, poor sleeping habits, and bad habits such as excessive drinking, drugs, nicotine, etc. You may consider breaking bad habits and taking on daily activities. You have to keep your muscles in good condition considering the muscles protect the bones. Stretching and exercise will prevent your joints from becoming stiff as well, in which joints support the muscles and bones.

When you exercise you, maintain your weight. As you commence to age, body fat increases to more than 30%. This weight adds too much load on the muscles, joints, and bones. Taking around this excess weight on your heaps, feet and legs will cause problems later.

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When you live in areas where people are your age, it often brings you rewards. You can plan activities together. Some areas allow you to enjoy bingo.

Perhaps you enjoy spending your time on the golf course. Alternatively, you would like to learn how to play golf. Learning to play golf will teach you new skills. While you enjoy playing golf, you can meet new friends here as well.

Keep your brain and body active

Keeping your mind and body busy and taking time out to rest will help you live a healthier and longer life.

Caring for aging parents

Older adults need proper help around the house, but most of the time members of the family won’t be around to assist. A typical family can’t afford to have a hired nurse, and so it becomes your duty to support your aged parents or grandparents. Assistance may range from helping with meals to dressing up. Caring for an elder can easily be made possible with an emergency alert system and proper planning and a slight adjustment to your daily routine.

Use common sense and technology in your home to help your aging parents move freely and prevent accidents. You can do that without necessitating too much change. Too often can discomfort and accidents happen at the smallest detail. Sometimes the elderly stay at home for hours, all alone. Organize a lifestyle with your aged parents or grandparents.