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Flu Season Comes: 10 Tips to Prevent Catching the Flu

Winter is a beautiful season that brings snow, Christmas, and flu into the lives of people. Influenza is the most widespread disease in the world, especially in countries with a moderate climate. The flu epidemic always comes around winter when the air is cold and humid. The cold weather in winter, particularly wet weather puts a strain on your immune system, and therefore you are more susceptible to infections. So, we compiled ten time-proven tips to prevent yourself from catching the flu this season.

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Flu is dangerous, though its symptoms may seem light and harmless.

Flu is an infection which is caused by a variety of virus strains. Influenza is contagious, and if you’re around someone who coughs or sneezes, or you touch any object that already touched by someone contaminated with the virus, you’re bound to contract the infection.

Flu spreads in the air, and before you feel the symptoms on yourself, you might have passed the virus to others.

The fatigue and constant state of sleepiness are the first signs that someone got the infection.

Other symptoms include body aches, chills, dry cough, high fever, headache, sore throat, and stuffy and running nose.

You may say that it is possible to ignore the symptoms, letting your body recover naturally, but this is the type of disease that, when left untreated, can cause severe complications that may result in death. So, when you have the symptoms of flu, stay in bed!

The complications include pneumonia, which is life-threatening.

There is no other sure method of prevention than vaccination. Vaccination has to be done one or two months before the possible outbreak of the virus and must be specific to the anticipated strain of the flu virus.

The second best possible way is to stay out of the flu epidemic if you avoid crowded places like public transport, shopping centers, etc. as the virus spreads quickly in crowded areas.

Wear a face mask, and carry disinfectant wipes with you to disinfect your hands and objects you touch. Particularly relevant to wipe your hand after handshaking, but if you can, avoid handshaking altogether during the flu season.

10 Tips to prevent catching the flu

To avoid catching the flu, keep in mind the following:

  1. Stay in the sun and good quality fresh air as much as you can. The beachside and forests offer the best air quality
  2. Keep away from people who sneeze and cough
  3. Wash your hands frequently and always wash them before touching food or your mouth and nose
  4. Avoid stress as stressed people are more prone to falling ill easily because of their overwhelmed immune system can’t fight off the infection
  5. Cease smoking and drink less alcohol as they can injure your respiratory and gastric tract. The injuries of your mucous membranes make way for the viruses, making you more susceptible to bacterias and viruses entering your body
  6. Avoid exposure to dust, smog, chemicals as well as sudden temperature changes. They are debilitating your immune system
  7. Keep yourself warm. Wear proper, layered clothing for the actual weather to keep your body from cooling down
  8. Boost your immune system with good quality vitamins and multivitamins that contain zinc and selenium
  9. Eat raw garlic, onions, sauerkraut, horseradish, mushrooms to kill the bugs. Also, eat other fresh vegetables and lots of fruits for vitamins
  10. Eat berries fresh or frozen.

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