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Fitness Basic Conditioning for Sedentary People

If you been living a sedentary lifestyle but want to improve your physical appearance and physical performance, you should start with a basic fitness conditioning program. When you decide to give up your sedentary lifestyle and go ahead with a fitness program, you not only want to be beautiful but also healthy. Imagine what it would be like being in a good physical condition…feeling energetic and going through the day without fatigue.

Do you want to learn how to start a fitness program that is safe for sedentary people?

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How to Start a Fitness Conditioning Program

The proper workout requires proper clothing and shoes. It is not the look that matters, but how comfortable it is to wear.

The conditioning program will enable you to develop muscle tone, improve circulation, to build strength, improve endurance, start replacing fat with muscle, develop your capacity to work harder and feel better.

Set goals that you can reach. If your goals are too high, you are likely to become discouraged.

When you start any exercise, be sure to warm up and stretch.

Take it easy. Don’t try to copy others in the gym, particularly not the people who are in top physical condition.

It can cause injury. These highly trained athletes regularly push their bodies to the limits.

If the workout is hurting, switch to a lighter exercise that isn’t painful.

Don’t worry about your weight and your diet when starting.

If you try to do significant changes in your lifestyle all at once, you’re more likely to give up on the fitness program.

Having the right amount of fluid is a solid foundation not only for maintaining your health but also for training.

Not drinking enough can have a devastating effect on your stamina, your fitness, and your performance. Drink before and after exercise.

Exercise Your Heart

The leading cause of death in America today is heart disease, and the most effective way to avoid this is through proper nutrition and a cardiovascular exercise program.

Cardio Exercise

Cardiovascular training is an integral part of the conditioning. It is the exercise that strengthens the heart, lungs, and circulation system.

Please do some cardiovascular activity for at least 30-40 minutes, three times a week. Best on those days when not doing weight training.

The cardio program involves large muscle groups, and the exercises have two characteristics:
They are relatively low intensity so you can keep exercising for 30-60 minutes at a time.
They are rhythmical, meaning that there is a brief rest period for the main muscle group when another takes over.

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The best cardiovascular training is: running, swimming, cycling, walking briskly, and hiking.

When starting a conditioning program after a sedentary lifestyle, the first two weeks in the program, some physical work will do for cardiovascular training — something like repainting your house or working in your garden.

If you are over 35, overweight, under stress or have not exercised for a while, please check with your doctor before beginning a strenuous cardiovascular exercise program.

Remember to rest. Don’t be tempted to overtrain. You risk injury. If you have an injury, you can’t train. If you can’t work out, it won’t improve.

You also have to pay attention to your food and move as much as possible. Keep in mind that it is easier to keep your shape than to regain it.

For more motivation to start fitness: Sports are the most potent confidence boosters.

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