Natural Fat Burners to Lose Weight Fast

Amino acids are natural fat burners. Certain organic compounds deliver the fat in your food to the cells where it becomes energy. These natural fat burners, which not only carry out this task but are also participating in fat burning. With the help of them, we aim to cut down the fatty deposits.

There are some natural fat burners known to help the body melt adipose deposits. These natural fat burners include vitamins, proteins, hormones, and enzymes that are responsible for burning fatty tissues alone or together. These natural fat burners are available as supplements.

Why we need Choline and L-carnitine?

Choline is a member of the vitamin B group and is a part of all neuronal and brain cell cytoplasms.
Meat, liver, egg yolk, and soy are rich in Choline.

L-carnitine is the most commonly known fatty acid. L-carnitine regulates metabolism, which prevents too much fatty tissue from accumulating in the blood. As the body produces only a small amount of L-carnitine, you have to take in the required amount with your food. Primarily milk and meat contain this vital fat-busting substance.

In the absence of L-carnitine, the heart muscle does not get enough energy and oxygen. The consequence is a chance for acute myocardial infarction. Because the cells are dying, the heart muscle getting weakened.

Do we need Linoleic acid and methionine?

Linoleic acid is a fatty acid in vegetable oils, and also included the intestinal mucosa of the intestine.

Digestion processes much dietary fat, so the mucous membrane has to be healthy and thick enough. The ingested fat turns into energy immediately.

Linoleic acid thus participates – indirectly – in the fat reduction. It also significantly reduces blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Particularly much linoleic acid contained in flaxseed, and there are also animal fats.

Methionine is essential in the process of building protein.

It is a constituent of carnitine and produces adrenaline. If you are overweight, though you are eating reasonable amounts, you may be suffering from methionine deficiency.

Methionine with choline, vitamin B6, and folic acid makes sure that you do not accumulate too much fat, and to remove the deposited fat from the cells.

You can get methionine by eating egg yolk, fish, meat, liver, poultry, cheeses, lentils, soy products, and yogurt.

Taurine helps with fast weight loss

Taurine is also an amino acid.

So whoever suffers from methionine deficiency, also does not have taurine in his body. Taurine ensures that the pituitary gland produces sufficient amounts of the hormone, for example, growth hormone, which also promotes weight loss.

The more taurine we enter our body, the higher the ability of the pituitary gland. The taurine deficit, especially in women, may result in overweight. The female hormone estrogen inhibits the formation of this compound in the liver, so the metabolism slows down.

This condition leads to easy weight gain, even with healthy nutrition. Such ladies need to consume a lot of taurine-rich foods.

Taurine also has a different role in metabolism: it produces bile acids that significantly affect fat burning. You can get taurine from oysters and crabs, and also from meat and liver. Taurine supplementation is possibly beneficial for the prevention of heart disease.

Leptin, the hunger control hormone

Fat cells produce this hormone. Their function is to control your feeling of satisfaction. If there are many fat cells in the body, many leptins are produced, indicating that there is no emergency, less food is enough.

The thing goes the other way around: if the fat reserves are depleted after a more extended starvation period, the body’s leptin levels are reduced, the body’s “survival program” comes in. It involves intense hunger and the reduction of thyroid function.

Now you can see it; Leptin is responsible for most weight loss failure.

Vitamin C is also a fat burner

Often one thing does not occur without the other, so for example, lipid-lowering hormones are not produced without vitamin C. They help create a stress hormone called noradrenaline, which transforms excess fat into energy in stressful situations.

Vitamin C is one of the substances that break down the fatty tissues in the body. Vitamin C is, therefore, a real fat burner!

So eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to get enough vitamins, naturally.

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Infographic with a list of fat burners