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Drink More Water Than Beer to be Fit, Not Fat

If you are training to have a six-pack abdomen and pay attention to your diet, it would be a shame to ruin the amount of work you do by drinking every night. If you have serious goals, you need to draw the line. One of the most compelling ways for stray from a workout routine and a healthy diet is by regular drinking. Most people go into fitness saying that they are not going to drink beer every day, but there is a small number that does not want to go off course.

You want to try your best to avoid falling into the problem of consuming alcohol every day, as this will only make you put on more weight. It will also make it harder for you to train.

Drink Water Not Beer

I know, it is hard to say no when others are having a good time. You will not want to miss out your fun with friends, but you will want to make sure you are responsible at certain times and stay with the water instead of beer.

Try to limit your dependence on junk foods as well – which is easier to say than done. You should avoid piling on food that has many calories even if you are drinking light beer because calories can add up quickly.

Do not drink if you have an endomorphic body and you have trouble losing weight. It does not help much for you to eat healthy during the day if you drink all night. Because of the calories in beer and other alcoholic beverages, you will be adding on extra pounds that will cause you a cute rounded beer belly. If you exercise specifically as part of a weight loss program, drinking alcohol is even more of a bad idea.

Fitness and alcohol don’t mix

A too much alcoholic drink will also mess with your work out schedule. If you had one too much glass of whiskey, you would be suffering from a hangover the next day. Understandably, you will not want to train in this condition.

You will likely want to stay in bed till afternoon because you have nausea. With having these symptoms are going to lose your appetite for the day. Because of drinking the night before, you will be dehydrated and in the worst case, lose essential nutrients by vomiting. Your next training session will be even more difficult. That is somewhat OK if you declare it a rest day. After a binge, it can take up to three days for everything to work correctly in your body.

Drink more water

At least you should drink plenty of water when in hungover to clear the alcohol out of your body quickly. Also, try to eat some rich soup like ramen or something similar. That will work. You will be OK sooner.

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