Dogs Love Doggy Gelato and Dog Owners Love it Too

The wellness of our dogs is just as important for us as our own. We, the dog owners, we all want to give our loved pets everything that makes them jumping for joy, partly because they make us happy too. Doggy Gelato definitely can make dogs walking on air. They thrilled to lick the container clean in no time and yelp for more.

A happy dog has a happy owner.

Dogs have a sweet tooth. Every dog owner knows that. They love ice cream, too, and their owners are more than glad to buy for them.

Doggy Gelato

Jessica and Peter created Doggy Gelato for dogs and dog owners to share real Italian artisan gelato’s delight. They carefully selected the ingredients for the gelato. They wanted to contribute to the health of dogs and their owners too.

Their motto: Have fun to enjoy a gelato together with your dog.

Doggy Gelato does not contain any preservative, artificial flavoring, or coloring. Moreover, the ingredients in the dog gelato are organic, as in every gelato.

The choice is three base flavors: goat milk, whole yogurt, and broth. On top of that, they add more variety of flavors to the base with seasonal fruits and veggies.

Both the dogs and their owners immensely loved the organic peanut butter in goat milk gelato.Dog tasting Doggy Gelato

What’s the difference between ice cream and gelato?

First of all, there is more air in ice cream. Also, typically, gelato has less fat and less sugar. Gelato is made with fresh ingredients, batch after batch.

You might say; gelato has just more flavor than ice cream.

Because traditional table sugar is not recommended for dogs to consume, they use honey and fruit sugar, also called fructose (not to be mistaken for high-fructose corn syrup).

The fat component in traditional gelato is coming from heavy cream. Because many dogs are sensitive to lactose, or even lactose intolerant, Doggy Gelato does not contain cow milk or cream from cow milk. The cream is replaced by a combination of sunflower oil and coconut eating gelato

The dog gelato contains inulin, a dietary fiber (prebiotic) that available in many vegetables. It’s used in many commercial food products for humans and pets alike. It has many positive effects. Also, the gelatos are fortified with added proteins. Doggy Gelato adds whey protein concentrate to their products.