Choose the Right Lipstick and Use it Like a Pro

Lipsticks are the easiest and fastest way to add focus to your face. The main problem is that there is no perfect color that suits everyone. There are no ideal shades, brands, or formulas, but these makeup guidelines can help women express themselves when choosing the right lipstick and lip contour.

A well-chosen shade gives a feminine, sexy look. Its great advantage is that it can bring about a quick and spectacular change in your appearance. Lipsticks can be with you all the time because they are taking up little space in the bag, easy to apply and wash.

What type of lipstick to use?

Sheer lipsticks are the most versatile. They don’t last as long as some other types, though they hydrate your lips and comfortable to wear. Since they are more opaque, you will find that you have to choose your colors more selectively because they allow the color of your lips seen through.

Glitter lipsticks last longer than sheer formulations and can make a woman look radiant and outstanding from the crowd. Its reflective properties make lips look fuller. However, glittering compositions look awful on dry or cracked lips.

Matte lipsticks last longer than any other and are a good choice for making a huge impact. Their disadvantage is that they dry the lips quite quickly; thus, you should not use it when you have dry or cracked lips.

Lip gloss adds an attractive glow to your lips when used alone, or it can add shine when applied over the lipstick.

Lip liners are here to mark the outline of your lips before you use lipsticks, therefore, creating a more significant contrast and, as a result helping your lips look outstandingly perfect. The best way to do it is by outlining your lips.

Because lips are the most susceptible part of your face to the sun, using built-in sunscreen lipstick formulations are a good idea.

How to choose a lipstick color?

You probably already know that your skin tone is the most critical factor when choosing the perfect lipstick color. The advice of the professional: always choose your makeup for your skin color.

The lipstick color that matches you is 1 or 2 shades darker than the color of your lips. Do not hesitate to give the product a try when shopping, so you can make sure it highlights your features.

If you have thin lips, do not opt for a too dark product as it will make them even narrower optically. On the other hand, wear lighter, creamier lipsticks that seem to increase your lips’ volume.

What shades suit my skin color?

Numerous women love red lipsticks, but few know what shades suit them.

If your skin is light, wear the following shades: cherry, peach, pink, and coral. Say no to the temptation and give up chocolate-colored lipsticks. For a neutral skin type, choose different pink, fruity colors, pale lilac, burgundy, and marsala.

In contrast, plum purple, brown, and dark red tones are suitable for women with darker skin types. Caramel and hazelnut shades are the perfect daytime choices, while plum purple and dark red lipsticks successfully complement evening wear.

Depending on the color of your hair, browns should look for pink and blondes for coral shades. We recommend raspberry and strawberry colors for red-haired women, and for black-haired women, we recommend red lipsticks.

Tooth color also plays a role in choosing the color of the lipstick that suits you. For example, purple and pink shades make your teeth whiter optically, while red and orange lipsticks only exacerbate the problem.

When you do not know what color is right for you, consider the color of your eyes. Coral lipsticks create a stimulating effect with blue eyes, while pink tones match green eyes, and red lipsticks highlight brown eyes.

There are traditional trends that help to choose lipsticks. Some include deep colors such as burgundy or plum red in winter, and lighter, pastel tones such as peach or lavender in spring and summer. And brown-based earthy colors in the autumn. However, you don’t have to follow this trend if you don’t want to.

How to apply lipstick to last longer?

Using a moisturizer on your lips before applying lipstick will usually ensure the best results. Before you move on to the next step, remove the moisturizer from your lips.

Then prime your lips with setting powder or foundation, making sure that any tiny cracks and gaps are covered to help keep the lipstick in place for longer.

The next step is to outline your lips with a lip liner.

The cupid’s bow on the upper lip is the starting point to outline, then follow with outlining your lower lip.

Make the edges of the upper lip contours, fill the outlines with lipsticks, and preferably use a lip brush. You can apply lipstick more precisely and economically. It is worth buying a lipstick brush for this purpose.

Fold the color into the corners of the lips by opening the mouth for easy access.

To make the lipstick last longer and the lips to have an attractive semi-matte finish, the surface should be gently tapped with your fingertips, starting from the center of the lips. Darker shades make it romantic.

Tips for expressing yourself

If your upper and lower lips have an uneven proportion, your upper lip will generally appear thinner than the lower lip. So the bottom of the lower lip is the reference point when trying to check that both lips’ contours are balanced. Therefore, work on the outline of your upper lip first.

With this in mind, when you contour your upper lip, make sure it is proportional, from the pointed side of the cupid’s bow to the middle slit of your mouth, with the width of your lower lip.

The shape you give to the Cupid’s bow can express your mood or personality. If rounded, it will give you a fuller, sensual look and the impression of a kind personality, while if it’s angular, you will look confident and ruthless.

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