Boost Your Slow Metabolism for Fast Fat Burning

When holidays and birthdays come around where I eat more than usual, I don’t feel guilty about how much I had eaten. The reason is that I’ve learned how to keep metabolism fast to burn body fat all day long. Once you learn why a fast metabolic rate is burning fat at an increased rate when you eat continuous small meals throughout the day and do regular exercise, you will experience a steady, long term weight loss.

Increase metabolic rate to burn fat and lose weight

To permanently lose weight, you must increase your metabolic rate. You have to do some training to boost your metabolism and to condition and build your muscles. Also, you must frequently eat throughout the day.

A slow metabolism results in slow fat loss

When losing weight by cutting down too much on our calorie intake, we also losing protein from our muscles. Muscles need protein to grow and stay active. When you are eating too little, you lose muscle tissue. Muscle tissues are metabolically active. Muscles burn calories even when you sleep. Your muscles need calories to feed these metabolically active tissues so that it continues to burn calories.
The energy also can come from the burning of fat tissues of your body. When you drastically cut down on your daily food intake, your metabolic rate slows to burn calories slower to prevent your vital organs from starving. Your body will not burn fat, but rather store it for that it can convert to energy when in need.

Increase your metabolism

You will lose some of your muscles even if you do your weight loss program properly. You have to feed your muscles with enough protein every day. So, it can prevent the loss of protein from your muscles. Also, the extra protein helps build more muscles and stay muscles conditioned.

Eat to accelerate your metabolic rate

Protein builds muscle, but carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. When your body has a deficiency of carbohydrates, it uses the protein from your muscles to use as energy. Hence, you have to have carbs and proteins in your body in the right proportions. You must also eat more frequently to keep your metabolic rate fast. When you eat five or six meals every day, you keep your metabolic rate fast enough to burn fat longer and quicker.

Exercise to increase fat burning

Everyone knows that any exercise or physical work burns calories. Weight training is one of the ways to give a boost to your metabolism. Because if you have more metabolically active muscles, you will burn more fat faster. If you increase your physical activity also, you have to increase your calorie intake up to a point. Remember, if you eat the right amount of food with the right proportions of protein and carbohydrates, your muscles have the energy to burn the fat deposit in your body throughout the day. Also, if you give too little food to your body, it will convert more protein from your muscles to carbohydrates to use as energy, which leads to a slower metabolism.


You have to give your body enough protein and exercise daily to achieve a successful weight loss. The best protein sources are lean beef, lean pork, poultry, fish, eggs, milk products, and beans.