Atkins Diet: Is Low Carb Diet Good for Me?

The Atkins diet is still quite a popular choice because it’s a low-carb, but not low-calory diet and somewhat easier to follow than keto. Both are strict but easier to follow than the calory deficient diets. That means that we don’t have to avoid food because it is not a good option, as it would deprive our body of essential nutrients. Therefore, carbohydrate-controlled foods are probably a better option because carbohydrates are responsible for gaining weight.

Do you know since when people started becoming obese? When in the 70′ some pseudo scientists proclaimed that the fats being evil and are responsible for a lot of shit. Then people began replacing fat with carbs. Particularly with high sugar-containing sweets and drinks such as cupcakes and soft drinks.

Is Low Carb Diet Good for Me?

Before you start on the low carb diet, take some time to decide whether low carb is the right way for you to lose weight. Just because it has been useful for others does not mean that it will work for you too. There is no general diet that is suitable for everyone. You may find that a low-carb diet works better than another. There are many things to consider before starting your Atkins diet.

Previous Weight Loss Attempts

First, evaluate your previous weight loss diet attempts. If you have been trying to lose weight for a long time, you have undoubtedly tried various foodstuffs. Take into account the different foods you have tried over the years. Consider the basics of your food, what worked, and what didn’t. Also, try to remember why you did not stay on a diet. Evaluate your experience with high carbohydrate foods. This type of diet consists mostly of low-fat and low-calorie diets. How did you feel during this type of diet? Were you hungry, obsessed with food, or had any adverse reactions? Or was you full of energy and felt generally pleasant?

If you have had previous experience with a low-carbohydrate diet, describe this too. After the adverse effects of the first week, how did you feel about your low-carbohydrate intake? Why did you stop using it?

Answering the questions will help you decide if Atkins is right for you. If you’ve had good experiences with a low-fat and other low-carb diets, then Atkins probably isn’t for you. If you were on another low-carb regimen, but not without difficulty, then you were probably on the wrong low-carb diet, and Atkins might work better. If you have had bad experiences with both types of foods, you may have better luck with a modified Atkins plan.

Is Atkins Diet Good for Me?

Your eating behavior may also indicate that Atkins is the right choice for your weight loss efforts. Carbohydrate sensitivity is recognizable by a set of symptoms. You may be carbohydrate sensitive if you want to eat more right after your meal is over or feeling a strong desire to eat all day long. Feel dizzy, short of breath, and tired without getting boosted energy by sugar or other carbohydrates. You may have carbohydrate sensitivity when you feel slow and sleepy after a meal. That is especially the case when you consume sugary and high carbohydrate foods. If you experience these symptoms frequently, you may develop carbohydrate intolerance. Try to pay special attention to how carbohydrates affect you, and if you continue to experience these symptoms, try a low-carb diet.

The success of the Atkins diet can be determined by medical and family history. If you have any prediabetic symptoms or diabetes itself, a low carbohydrate selection of foods is appropriate. Generally, the more you are overweight, the more likely you are to have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high blood sugar.

If someone in your family has diabetes or is significantly overweight, it can also pose a risk for these diseases. The genetic propensity to these conditions may indicate the need for a low-carbohydrate regimen, such as this one. It has been proven that the Atkins plan improves weight and regulates blood sugar. If you have these problems in your family history, you may want to consider the Atkins plan.


There are many reasons to try the Atkins diet. Whether you have responded well in the past to other low-carbohydrate diets or have a medical history that justifies a controlled carbohydrate intake, the Atkins diet will meet your needs.